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Welcome to my home page. I will put my project here. There are currently 2 projects in this page, one is finished and one is under development.

Final Fantasy IV Thai Translation (FF4T) is a Thai patch to Square Soft's Final Fantasy II for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This game was released in U.S. and equivalent to Final Fantasy IV released in Japan. The patch is finished. Though, there are some minor bugs lefted in translation.

Internet Gateway Control Panel (IGCP) controls SOME diald, squid and, in future, sendmail functions. It aims for used in a system which changed configuration frequently. For example, site with 2 ISPs. It contains some neat feature such as support 10 configurations, support 10 phone numbers per configuration, configure and control via web interface.

Miscellaneous page contains some goodies I made. There is TETRIS!, the 3 players tetris clone for DOS. It's unbelievably fun in 3-player mode! Other interesting items are various startup screen for Windows 9x.

Note About Thai Game

Thai Game was founded on Febuary 16, 2541 (1998) by Joke. The objective of Thai Game is to create games in Thai or translate games to Thai.

Thai Game was officially closed on Febuary 16, 2543 (2000) due to lack of time. The only project finished and released by Thai Game is The Final Fantasy IV Thai Translation, is completed on August 2541 (1998). This project was started in late July 2540 (1997).

The second project has never found its way out of development. It's an RPG engine. This project was started around October 2541 (1998). Due to lack of my time, the progress was very little, and has to be canceled.
27/02/2543 (2000)