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(c) 2542-2543 (1999-2000) by Joke
Version 0.1.7 Released 20/09/2543 (2000)


Internet Gateway Control Panel (IGCP) control SOME diald, squid and, in future, sendmail functions. It aims for used in a system which changed configuration frequently. For example, site with 2 ISPs. It contains some neat feature such as support 10 configurations, support 10 phone numbers per configuration, configure and control via web interface.


IGCP is free for non-commercial personal usage. IGCP is provided as-it-as. No warranty of all kind. For commercial, organizational, government, or educational usage, please contact me for more detail about license fee (which could be free in some cases.)


Current version is 0.1.7. The version number uses the same notaion as Linux's.


Feature in version 0.1.7. (* = New feature in version 0.1.7)


I don't know exactly what the requirement is, but these are my configurations which IGCP works.


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20/09/2543 (2000)